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Lamination and encapsulation are often confused but there is a distinctive difference. Encapsulation is a plastic file which is applied to both sides of the entire printed sheet to protect and enhance the print. Encapsulation is easily identified as there is usually a clear plastic edge of 2-5mm around the printed product. Encapsulation is often confused with lamination.

What is it used for?

Commonly used for posters, leaflets, menus, and flyers.

At what point do we do it?

Encapsulation is a print finishing process (after printing).

How do we do it?

Polyester or polypropylene film of up to 250microns is applied to both surfaces of the printed item to enhance appearance and increase durability. It can be trimmed flush or left with a margin on all sides to give complete protection.

A very positive side effect of encapsulation is that it completely seals in the print, so that it is ideal for the production of posters, menus and any other items that need protecting. Encapulated items can be die cut,drilled, creased and round cornered.

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